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C.G. Jaquish

Dark Fantasy Author

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To Be Nameless

Nameless. What does it mean? Without a name, do you even exist? Eclipse spent her entire existence wishing she was nameless; an imperceptible shadow moving through life at her own pace and watching others rise to greatness while she pulled the strings that evolved the world for a better tomorrow. Astrid was the type to have her strings pulled. Quick to adapt, easy to manipulate, and lacking all conviction; she was the perfect name and face for anyone to hide behind. Kayde worked tirelessly to break his chains. His desire for free will was more powerful than any name he could choose. Domindre lived to fulfill his duty to perfection. He never doubted, never hesitated, and never disobeyed. Lunar strove to redeem his name with every breath he took, drowning in the ‘imperceptible’ shadow of a twin sister no one could touch. His efforts saved the world as often as they endangered it. Rhys changed his name. He refused to be what others demanded, and forged his own way through life. Why shouldn't his name reflect that? And then there was Axl. Axl was just lucky if no one used his full name. They each took such stock in their names and titles, none could see the nameless, faceless power brewing beneath the surface. Bit by bit, it consumed them, tore them apart, made enemies out of friends and allies out of enemies, till no one knew right from wrong and their worst fears became realized. The final lines were drawn between race, gender, religion, family, friendship, and love, but there was only one question to answer.
Light or Darkness? Which one was to be truly feared?

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About C.G. Jaquish

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Anyone who knew Caroline Grace Jaquish as a child, knew she had her head in the clouds and her heart locked in fantasy worlds. With favorite authors such as J.R.R. Tolkien, Edgar Allan Poe, H.P Lovecraft, and John Flanagan to feed her obsession with all things fantastic and horrific, Jaquish found herself creating stories that helped her escape the monotony of the real world. With age and experience, her stories compounded upon themselves, creating characters with deep flaws and traumatic histories. It quickly stole her heart, writing about damaged people fighting their own monsters while also facing down those in an imperfect, decimated world. To be Nameless was born from staring into the darkness and wishing to know it better. She plans on continuing far past the currently published books, expounding upon Eclipse Monohue's life, and introducing new characters to a universe in dire need of saving.

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