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Behind the Author

Caroline Jaquish was born in Pennsylvania and spent her entire childhood in the same house. There was never a moment in her life that she didn't hear the arts screaming her name. From wanting to be an actress at age ten, to a singer at 15, she also spent a great deal of time doodling what she now considers abominations. And to this day, she loves landscape photography. However, each of those dreams paled in comparison to writing. 
There were several people who encouraged her writing over the years and those who deemed her work too dark. Still, she began writing Eclipsing the Tide at age 16, after developing the basic story for years beforehand, just daydreaming in her head. The premise was not well received by authority figures at the time, so she dumbed it down, just for a chance to continue her writing. It became more of a burden than a joy to write, and she stopped for several years, feeling disassociated from her own words, as she tried to censor them. In that time, she worked on a farm, crashed two cars, fell in love, and married a soldier.
Seven years later, the United States Military shipped both Jaquish and her husband to Alaska. The long, dark winters, peaceful lifestyle, and isolation inspired her to find her old manuscript and breathe new, unfiltered life into it. She tried to keep the same tone her younger self would have written in for her first book, hoping to do justice to the teenager who began it all. Then Jaquish wrote the rest of a universe into being over the next two years, eventually choosing to self-publish the first four books of her series, To Be Nameless, through Kindle Direct Publishing.
Now, she writes in her Alaskan home, forever furthering Eclipse's tale, while her three fur babies cuddle up tight to her side. Coffee spurs her daily existence and wine or beer puts her to sleep at night. She hopes her stories provide an escape to even just one reader, helping them see a fantastical world that kept her alive and hopeful for so many of her younger years.

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