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I Created My Own Language!

Welcome to Druhidik basics, everyone! Obviously, this is just the alphabet; the creation of a full language relying on a lot more than just replacing the letters with made up symbols. Still, I'm excited to put together a whole new society and history for my precious Druhids. And no, I'm not spelling that wrong. At least not for my books. You'll notice I dropped letters whose sounds can be recreated with other letters, like C, J, Q, and X, which can all respectively be replaced with K or S, G, K or KW, and KS. I had a ton of fun dabbling with shapes, helping them closely resemble regular English, which works out great for progressive lore writing. Just like modern spoken word resembles Latin, my world's common tongue reflects its origins in Druhidik, the first people to populate Asylum. You'll begin meeting Druhids and their mysterious benefactor, Chaos, in the next miniseries of To Be Nameless, beginning with Book Five, Through the Eyes of Another, due to release in the spring of 2022!

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