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New Release!

Book six of To Be Nameless is now available, along with a new song on the home page of my website!

I've never been so nervous about releasing a book. I wrote most of Through the Eyes of a Dragon over an extremely difficult move and I keep thinking I missed something huge, despite re-reading it thousands of times. Real life takes a big toll on an author. I sometimes feel super alone in this journey, but it's worth the heartache, pain, and anxiety to fight for something I truly love.

On top of the real-life issues, I purposely left some pretty big plot holes in this book. The premise takes the MC back in time to reveal secrets about the first four books, but she doesn't get to see everything. No one ever really does, besides the reader... eventually. It's a risky move that I'm already assuming will be mentioned over and over in reviews, but future books do plan on filling in the gaps. Time travel is just a bitch.

Whatever the outcome, no one can deny the absolutely epic cover my artist helped come up with, so shoutout to Fahad Ejaz for that. As for whether this book ends whatever career I may have as an author, I guess we will just have to see!

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