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Upgrades, People!

So proud to announce so many updates! First off, you may have noticed that the fifth book of To be Nameless is now available on Amazon. I really loved moving on to a new "cast", so to speak, and incorporating elements from my world-building in a whole new era. Eclipse experienced an advanced Medieval lifestyle with 'science' far beyond the time period. Astrid lives in a colonial-era-inspired universe with the same hang-ups of 'science' getting in the way. Get ready for pirates and rum, sea shanties and hurricanes! She's also the first LGBTQ+ character I've had the honor to write in depth...... as far as my readers know, of course.

Also new and improved are my book covers! When I first started writing, I had no idea how important covers were. I thought the words inside should matter more, but it turns out, there is a reason the phrase "don't judge a book by its cover" exists. And that reason is because everybody does it. So, I'm happy to update my paperback covers with custom art and original ideas.

And finally, I HAD to update my website, as promised a few months ago in a former blog post. I hit quite a few road-blocks, but I finally managed to add a musical section to my website, along with all the new covers and the new book, Through the Eyes of Another. Currently, I only have one song from Eclipsing the Flames, but I will be adding shanties from Astrid's books as I write the music and fiddle with my program again. It's been a fantastic journey, thus far, and I hope to bring even more entertainment to thousands of readers as time draws on. If daring women, powerful rivals, painful betrayals, complicated romances, and brutal fights pique your interest, To be Nameless was written for you. Check out the link on my website to find your new favorite Dark Fantasy series!

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