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Writer's Block!!! Every Author's Horror Story.

It's ugly. That black void that overtakes your mind when you are just about to get the answer you need in your writing. I don't often suffer from writer's block, but when I do, I feel like my entire head has been twice-overed with a shop vac. I've been working on this one scene in my sixth book. I know the tension I want and have the scene staged perfectly, but no matter how many times I write it, erase it and write it again, there seems to be no way to get my point across for this one chapter. And when I try to skip it and come back, I can't stop thinking about it! It's been like... two weeks! How long does this writer's block shit normally last?!

So what does everyone else do when they are beating their skulls against the brick wall of their own writing? I mean... I created this bitch; the least she could do is cooperate with me a little here. I've tried changing scenery and diet, sleeping longer and shorter, writing at different portions of the day. Nothing seems to do the trick. And does writer's block ever make you question whether or not you're actually an author? Because right about now, I'm feeling like a kid failing essay after essay. Struggling to sell my already published books. Fighting to even write the next one. It makes me question my life choices a bit.

I know at some point, I'll get my magical breakthrough; you know, once I've ripped out enough hair. But it's hard to wait for something that you simply can't bring about any faster than your mind can craft it. My mind goes deep and dark, Digging through it for the right words and lines is like shuffling through 50 thousand tons of garbage to find your lost engagement ring. It's not impossible, persay, but I don't know if I have the right tools for the job. Anyway, wish me luck. Back into the fray!

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